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Stone And Clark

All-In-One Sneaker Care Kit

All-In-One Sneaker Care Kit

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  • Premium Bundle - Get more value for money with this complete sneaker cleaning kit for your sneakers. It includes a 250ml sneaker cleaner, 250ml deodorizer, 250ml Water and stain Repellent 1 soft bristle brush, and 1 Suede brush.
  • Clean Without Worries - Keep your kicks pristine without damaging or fading them. Our shoe cleaner solution effectively removes stains, marks and spots without any harsh or abrasive components.
  • Versatile Shoe Cleaning Kit - This shoe cleaner kit can be used on any sneakers. The soft brush is for sneakers while the Suede brush is for Suede shoes
  • Don't Let Odors Stop You - The deodorizer in this large Sneaker cleaner kit effectively minimizes odors so you feel fresh and clean even if you wear your sneakers all day. Step out in confidence!
  • Great Gift Idea - Any sneakerhead and shoe collector would love to have this ultimate sneaker cleaner kit at their disposal! This shoe care kit can be given on birthdays and other special occasions.
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Always Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Your sneakers are not just apparel that you wear on your feet. They’re a reflection of your unique personal style and the adventures that define who you are. They’re a story waiting to happen.

From band practice to the boardroom, sneakers look effortlessly cool virtually anywhere. Take time to take good care of your kicks so you’re always ready for whatever adventure comes your way. It doesn't have to be complicated, with the right cleaning kit, anything is possible.

The large Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Stone and Clark is a sneakerhead staple.

Make Old Favorite's Look Brand New

Other shoe cleaning and deodorizing agents contain overly strong ingredients that could do more harm than good to your beloved kicks. Invest in a cleaning kit that thoroughly cleans without fading or causing discolorations on your shoes. The two brushes included in the kit were designed for different cleaning needs. Use the Hard brush to remove debris, mud, and stains from the upper part of your shoe and the Suede brush to clean hard-to-reach corners to help you better clean your shoes.

Our Brushes Works Hard So You Don't Have To

Do you regularly hang out at the skatepark? Make sure to regularly remove dirt and dust stuck in your sneakers so that your footwear lasts long. It's a good thing that this set's brushes come with ergonomic handles that give you a firm yet comfortable grip. Both brushes are easy to hold and manoeuvre so you can easily clean out even the most hard to reach corners and sections of sneakers and brogue shoes.

Made for Your Unique Lifestyle

Just like you, sneakers are versatile and made for the
unpredictable adventures of life. Make sure you and your kicks are always ready to catch the next wave by keeping this cleaning kit close. With a uniform size, the brushes are compact enough to fit inside your travel bag or the glove compartment in your car. This way, you can easily take them along when you travel or need to quickly clean your footwear before important life events.

  • Made by Sneakerheads for Sneakerheads

    It took years to build your sneaker collection, so don’t just hide them away in a box. They’re meant to be worn in your adventures through life. This premium set is made especially for your dynamic lifestyle.

    A must-have for any sneaker collector and enthusiast, this is an all-in-one kit that comes with all the products you need to brush away any sneaker problem and keep your kicks protected from the daily grind.

  • Save Time, Money & Energy

    Focus on having a great time and we’ll focus on keeping your sneakers in pristine condition. Both newbies and seasoned sneakerheads will appreciate how straightforward and effective this set is.

    With this Large sneaker cleaning kit you can give your sneakers the expert care they deserve. The brushes come with a 1.8cm bristle size, which lets you effectively target tiny corners and remove tenacious debris stuck in them

  • A Brand You Can Trust

    We are a brand committed to helping you create the life that you want and to enjoy it to the fullest. This commitment drives us in the creation of our unique offerings.

    Our premium range of products are carefully designed to give you modern solutions that will elevate your lifestyle. Whether it's fitness or fashion, we're here to give you practical, cost-effective, and responsibly-made products that will help you look, feel, and be at your best.

Large Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this shoe cleaning kit on different types of shoes?

Yes, this kit is versatile and can be used on various types of sneakers, including suede, nubuck, leather, and more.

How effective is the sneaker cleaner in removing stains and spots?

Our shoe cleaner solution effectively removes stains, marks, and spots without harsh or abrasive components.

Is the sneaker cleaner safe for my shoes and won't cause any damage or fading?

Yes, the cleaner is designed to keep your shoes pristine without causing damage or fading.

Is this kit a good gift idea for sneaker enthusiasts?

Absolutely! This ultimate sneaker cleaning kit makes a great gift for sneakerheads and shoe collectors on special occasions like birthdays.

How long will the products in the kit last with regular use?

The duration depends on usage frequency, but this kit should last you for several cleaning sessions.

Can I use the sneaker cleaner and deodorizer on my white sneakers without discoloration?

Yes, the cleaner and deodorizer are designed not to discolor your white sneakers.

Is the water and stain repellent effective in protecting shoes from rain and spills?

Yes, the water and stain repellent is effective in protecting your shoes from water, stains, and spills.

Is this kit suitable for both new and old sneakers?

Yes, this kit is suitable for both new and old sneakers and can help restore the freshness of older pairs.

How does Stone and Clark ensure the quality and sustainability of its products?

We are committed to creating practical, cost-effective, and responsibly-made products to help you look, feel, and be at your best, and we carefully design our offerings to meet these standards.

Is the microfiber towel in the kit reusable, and how should I care for it?

Yes, the microfiber towel is reusable. To care for it, simply wash it with mild detergent and let it air dry.

Customer Reviews

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Good kit

The products are mainly for cleaning, slight waterproofing and odour protection, but it lacks a moisturiser for nobuck and suede because they loose a bit of colour and texture with's been handy so far! I have to clean the family's shoes and some just won't go in the washing machine. The scrub brush and the spray have been useful. The water repellant doesn't work all that great tho

Meschak Lewis
Works great

Cleans very well. I was confused at first because the solution is so thin, however, you just need a little on the brush and some water and it lathers up quite nicely!!

Good shoe cleaning kit

This is a solid shoe cleaning kit. There a 2 different brushes for different types of material as well as a tool that helps get rid of scuffs on the sole. A couple of sprays goes far and can easily clean a couple of pairs of shoes. The cleaning cloth comes in handy too. I'd recommend this shoe cleaning kit!

Life Is Beautiful...
A Mixed Bag

What I liked about the set is that contains generously sized bottles of cleaner, sneaker deodorizer and a waterproof protectant. There are 2 brushes included: a small silicone scrubber to get in the crevices (did a great job on the rubberized parts of my chuck taylors) and a bristled shoe brush. The instructions weren't clear about whether or not one adds water to the cleaning solution (you do) but there's not a way to spray this on the sneaker so I was forced to figure this out myself. I tried the product on the aforementioned chucks which are bright red canvas high tops and a pair of mesh walking shoes. Using the solution with a bit of water a nice foam form which you then scrub with the bristle brush and let dry blotting off any extra. The shoes def looked brighter and cleaner and the deodorizer freshens them up really well. They look revived! I'm sure our family will get some good use out of this product but if I can offer some suggestions here it would be to 1) provide a basic storage bag for the kit 2) provide some spray nozzles 3) include a brief instruction card. Not having a spray bottle was particularly frustrating.


Really good really recommend