About Us

Welcome to Stone & Clark: A Legacy of Excellence in Shoe Care

Rooted in Canadian Quality Since 2017
Born from a passion for impeccable footwear, Stone & Clark stands proudly as a Canadian company, dedicated to the highest standards of shoe care since our inception in 2017. Our main office is nestled in the scenic beauty of Vancouver, BC, a city as vibrant and diverse as our range of products. We are a collective of dedicated shoe care professionals, each bringing our expertise and enthusiasm to shoe enthusiasts around the globe.

Our Vision and Mission
As your trusted companion, we aim to ensure that every step you take resonates with confidence and pride. Stone & Clark's mission is to provide premium care solutions that celebrate the longevity and beauty of footwear and accessories. We are devoted to maintaining the pristine condition and enduring quality of your treasured items, accompanying you on every journey.

Unwavering Core Values

- Craftsmanship: With a meticulous eye for detail, we craft products that embody excellence, meeting the high expectations of our customers.

- Integrity: At our core, we value honesty and transparency, pledging to sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and authentic customer relations.

- Innovation: In the dynamic world of shoe care, we remain at the forefront, innovating and developing products that cater to the needs of a discerning clientele.

- Sustainability: Our dedication to the planet is reflected in our eco-friendly practices, permeating through our production and supply chain.

- Customer Centricity: We prioritize our customers, attentively listening, learning, and adapting to deliver satisfaction beyond their expectations.

- Heritage & Evolution: Embracing our Canadian heritage and the traditions that define us, we also seek continual growth, enhancing our brand and offerings.

- Passion: Every product is a testament to our passion for quality shoe care, celebrating the stories that every well-maintained pair of shoes has to share.