What types of shoe cleaning products does S&C offer?

  • S&C offers a range of products including shoe protector sprays, cleaning solutions, brushes, and wipes suitable for various shoe materials.

Are S&C products safe for all shoe materials?

  • Yes, our products are designed to be safe for most shoe materials including leather, suede, canvas, and synthetic fabrics. However, we recommend checking specific product instructions for suitability.

Do S&C products contain any harmful chemicals?

  • Our products are formulated with eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring they are safe for users and the environment.

How often should I clean my shoes with S&C products?

  • This depends on how frequently you wear your shoes and the conditions they're exposed to. Generally, a weekly clean is recommended for regular use.

Are S&C cleaning products water-resistant?

  • Our shoe protector sprays offer water-resistant properties, helping to protect shoes from moisture and stains.

How long do S&C products take to dry?

  • Drying times can vary, but most products dry within 20-30 minutes. For sprays, we recommend allowing the shoes to dry overnight for optimal results.

Do S&C products alter the color or texture of shoes?

  • Our products are designed to clean without altering the color or texture of the shoes. However, we advise doing a spot test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Are there any S&C products for shoe odor control?

  • Yes, we offer products that not only clean shoes but also help in controlling and eliminating odors.

Does S&C offer any shoe care kits or bundles?

  • We offer various kits and bundles that include a combination of our best-selling products, providing a complete shoe care solution.

Do S&C products come with usage instructions?

  • Yes, all our products include detailed instructions to ensure effective and safe usage.

Does S&C offer any customer support for product-related queries?

  • Yes, we provide customer support for any inquiries or assistance with our products.