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Black Horse Hair Shoe Brush - For Pristine Leather Care

Black Horse Hair Shoe Brush - For Pristine Leather Care

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  • Premium Leather Care - Your premium leather shoes deserve only the best care. Make them last longer with regular and through cleaning, polishing, and buffing made possible through our shoe brush.
  • Made of Pure Horsehair - Our shoe polish brush is made of soft black horsehair. It's perfect for polishing leather goods without creating too much friction that might scratch the delicate surface.
  • Comfortable Grip - This horse brush comes in a portable and lightweight 6.6x2.1x1.5" size. The smooth beechwood handle provides a firm yet comfortable grip so you can use it for regular leather care.
  • A Durable Accessory - Leather is loved for being long lasting and this leather brush is designed to be the same. Made of heavy duty beechwood and horsehair, this brush can withstand constant use for years.
  • A Practical Gift - Any avid collector of luxury leather shoes will love to have this shoe cleaning brush in their care kit. It's a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, and any special occasion.

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Not All Brushes Are Made Equal

Leather is known and loved for its natural elegance and luxurious appeal. It ages well and has a notable elegance that cannot be compared to synthetic materials. Leather also lasts long–if it is maintained and cared for properly.

If you own a pair of leather shoes, you need to know how to take good care of them. One of the first steps is owning your own shoe brush made especially for premium leather footwear. Look no further, we've got just the thing for you.

The Premium Black Horsehair Brush by Stone and Clark is created especially for premium leather footwear care.

Professionally Made For Professionals

This premium brush is carefully created by professionals to meet the unique leather care needs of professional cobblers, leather craftsmen, and shoe designers. It is made of natural white horsehair bristles which are significantly softer and finer compared to synthetic fibers and boar bristles. This ensures meticulous care without leaving scuff marks, dents,
and scratches on your precious leather goods.

Make Old Favorites Look Good As New

Natural leather has a distinctive texture and grain that make it stand out from other materials. This texture, unfortunately, can be prone to the elements. Dust and moisture can also become lodged within the surface and cause leather to look dull and worn. Eventually, it could become irreparably damaged. Avoid this by regularly polishing and surface cleaning with our fine bristled brush which can remove even tenaciously stuck debris.

Make Your Mark

Your designer leather shoes are not meant to be hidden away in boxes or your shoe closet. They're an investment made to be used and flaunted in the real world. Wear your favorite pair of leather loafers, boots, and heels with confidence by making sure they're always spotless and in pristine condition. Maintain their original luster by regularly applying leather conditioner and polishing it with our brush. Don't let dirty and dull shoes affect your look ever again!

  • Made For Life

    Our horsehair brush is created using premium quality materials selected for their longevity and thoroughness when it comes to leather care.

    The stunning black beechwood handle is ergonomic so you can use it frequently without straining your hands. It is also compact at a size of just 6.6x2.1x1.5" so you can easily bring it with you when you travel or stash it away in your car for quick shoe cleanups and emergency polishing.

  • Love Your Leather

    Love Your Leather

    Love your leather shoes and they'll last long. Our premium horsehair brush is easy to use for leather care. Follow these quick steps:

    1. Thoroughly brush the surface of your leather shoes to dislodge any dirt, dust, or other elements stuck.

    2. Carefully apply your choice of leather conditioner or polish. Make sure to follow the product directions.

    3. After conditioning, buff your shoes to help the conditioner penetrate the surface and nourish it.

  • Create Your Best Life

    We are a lifestyle brand based in Canada with a drive to create modern solutions for modern-day living. Every process we employ and every material we select is a result of this drive.

    We want to be your partner in living life to the max through a premium range of products that provide cost-effective, user-friendly and practical answers to your everyday needs, whether that's in fitness, child care, or home improvement.

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What is the primary use of the Stone and Clark Horse Hair Brush?

It's designed for polishing, cleaning, and buffing leather shoes, restoring their shine and appearance.

What material is the brush made from?

The brush is made of soft black horsehair and has a beechwood handle.

Is this brush safe for all leather shoes?

Yes, it's safe for all leather types, as the horsehair is soft and gentle, preventing scratches.

How does the brush handle feel during use?

The beechwood handle is designed for a comfortable and firm grip, making it easy to use.

Is the brush durable for long-term use?

Yes, it's made of heavy-duty beechwood and horsehair, ensuring longevity even with constant use.

How do I use this brush for optimal leather care?

Brush the surface to remove dirt, apply leather conditioner or polish, and then buff for nourishment.

What size is the brush?

The brush measures 6.6x2.1x1.5 inches, making it compact and portable.

Is the brush easy to store and carry?

Yes, its compact size makes it easy to store in a bag, car, or drawer.

Can this brush be used with all types of shoe polish and conditioners?

Yes, it's compatible with most shoe polishes and conditioners.

Does Stone and Clark offer other shoe care products?

Yes, Stone and Clark offers a range of shoe care products that complement the horsehair brush.

Premium Black Horsehair Brush

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Bristle falling off

Overall not a bad product but the bristle are falling off after a few use.

Très doux

Pour les sofa en cuir

Brian Howe
Okay for price

Does what it's meant to do for cheap, but sheds many bristles during each use. I'm skeptical about it's longevity.

Very nice quality brush

It came in 1 day and it's really too nice for shoe polishing. It makes the perfect horse head grooming brush as it's soft and forgiving. My horse loves it for gentle brushing around the eyes. It's a great product and yes will work great for shoe polishing, but the horse has claimed it!

Not just for shoes, other great uses as well

So, I did not get this for it's intended use. I do have a nice horse hair brush for my shoes, but I got this specifically to brush my clothes from dust in the closet. Over the pandemic, and currently in it, I did not wear my suits nor nice shirts anywhere, and they began to collect dust overtime. Many years ago while purchasing suits from a tailor I saw the store employees using horse hair brushes to brush the top of suits to keep them in tip top shape. So, that it is what I did.Brush comes in a nice sleeved box, and the wooden handle is nice and smooth easy to hold and feels solid in the hand. No bristles fell out or are falling out while I brush my suits to cleanliness. Extremely soft bristles, soft to the touch and again easy to hold and use.