Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush

Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush

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  • A Suede Shoe Brush for Cleaning - Equipped with premium crepe ribbon, this suede nubuck brush helps in removing dirt or dust stuck on the surface and in between the piles of suede or nubuck leather shoes.
  • Revitalise Those Piles - Using this leather shoe cleaning brush can help make your suede and nubuck shoes look good as new again. It fluffs up or lifts the nap but without causing any damage.
  • A Natural Shoe Brush - All the materials used for these suede brushes are natural, from the crepe ribbon to the lotus wood handle. It's not just kind to your shoes but to Mother Nature as well.
  • Beyond Leather Shoes - This 12x4.1x3cm nubuck cleaning brush isn't just good for shoes - it can also be used for other suede and nubuck leather products like belts, bags, or even couches or sofas.
  • Long-Lasting Nubuck Brush For Shoes - The crepe is firmly attached to the handle and won't easily come off even with regular use. This is a suede shoe cleaning brush you can count on for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice suede brush

(Note: gonna try to add a video soon. Those take me a while to do.)If you're serious about leather care, you'll eventually end up with some stiff brushes to take care of your suede. The description for this brush is a little translation-word-salad, so I'll just let you know that it's a wood brush that has silicone-like ridge-bristles attached to it. General suede care is brushing the dust or debris off of the material with a stiff brush, or a rubber textured brush. The nap can then be brushed back into place, making for a clean look.This brush is a little small compared to horsehair brushes for leather shoes, but it gets the job done of loosening debris on suede shoes (mostly dust for me). If you're acquiring leather care goods, this is a pretty nice and solid item to have among your tools.

Curious EpicureCurious Epicure
Made my Birkenstock sneakers look new again

I have a pair of light gray Birkenstock sneakers that had spots on the toe areas and this brush took them all away and made them look brand new again. I was very happy with the job it did on those as well as on my hiking boots.I'd never used a suede brush like this one before, but I like it much better that the bristle types I've used before. I think it's much kinder to the material.Very happy with this

knitting ninjaknitting ninja
Works well to spruce up old shoes

I tried out this brush on a pair of favorite fine grain suede shoes. I like the shoes to look broken in, even well used, for a casual refined look. But I don't like scuffs and grime. This brush does a nice job of evening out the finish to bring back the look I want. The pictures are before and after using the brush. You can see in the third picture the amount of grime the brush removed after using it on a single pair of shoes (the crepe was white before use). This brush is a good value.

Linda SLinda S
Works Well and is Good Sized

I have been looking for a new suede brush for weeks. Thought I was the only one, but if you are reading this I guess I am not!Suede requires care. The brush I had been using was about a quarter of the size of this one, and was made of metal wire. It works, but it felt a bit harsh on the material, and I wanted something bigger.This one is good sized, which make the job quicker. I did a quick test on some black sheepskin boots, you can see the color came off a bit but that is to be expected I think. The crepe ribbons do an effective job of coaxing out dust and dirt. It does what it claims to do, and what more could you want, lol?The only negative is that it was shipped in a ridiculously large box.

I love JewelryI love Jewelry
Works well on suede shoes

Works well with any suede shoes or garments. Easy to use well made rubbery type brush with wooden handle.