Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush
Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush

Nubuck, Suede Cleaner Crepe Brush

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  • A Suede Shoe Brush for Cleaning - Equipped with premium crepe ribbon, this suede nubuck brush helps in removing dirt or dust stuck on the surface and in between the piles of suede or nubuck leather shoes.
  • Revitalise Those Piles - Using this leather shoe cleaning brush can help make your suede and nubuck shoes look good as new again. It fluffs up or lifts the nap but without causing any damage.
  • A Natural Shoe Brush - All the materials used for these suede brushes are natural, from the crepe ribbon to the lotus wood handle. It's not just kind to your shoes but to Mother Nature as well.
  • Beyond Leather Shoes - This 12x4.1x3cm nubuck cleaning brush isn't just good for shoes - it can also be used for other suede and nubuck leather products like belts, bags, or even couches or sofas.
  • Long-Lasting Nubuck Brush For Shoes - The crepe is firmly attached to the handle and won't easily come off even with regular use. This is a suede shoe cleaning brush you can count on for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Raymond S. Iorio
Does not work that well - I should return it but am donating it

Does not work well as advertised, giving it to charity rather than take the time to return it. Save your money

I'm impressed!!

I didn't know how easy it is to clean suede. This brush cleans suede so easy.

This is good for picking up lint for sure I don't know about cleaning

What I used it on did not remove the stain however it removed the lint attached to it!! So it had a secondary trait that was positive even though the first one didn't seem to work so well.

Mixed results.

My normal suede cleaning arsenal consists of a suede eraser, a suede brush and dedicated spray cleaners. I was intrigued when I saw these, I'd seen anything like this for suede before.My results have been a bit of a mixed bag, however. The brush did a nice job of removing some marks on a suede jacket, I was quite happy with it for that use.The main reason I ordered this was to clean my suede Clark's Wallabees. On these shoes I found the brush to be largely ineffective.. I don't know if the issue is with the type of suede or its heaviness, but I was definitely disappointed using it on the Clark's.These brushes are nicely made. It works very well on my suede jacket, but was a disappointment on my suede Wallabees.

Keeping my suede clean and fresh...

I just got a new pair of suede desert boots and I didn't know how to clean them and to keep the nap looking good. So I did what I always do when I need to learn something, I watch a bunch of youtube videos. I immediately realized I needed a suede brush to do the job right. These brushes seem like they're really good quality and they were a great deal. They work really nicely and my shoes look terrific!