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Stone And Clark

Portable Mini Horsehair Shoe Brush

Portable Mini Horsehair Shoe Brush

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  • Stay Sharp - Don't let dingy leather shoes ruin your style. The 1” bristles on this horsehair brush effectively remove dirt, dust, and grime on the surfaces and crevices of your leather shoes.
  • Keep Those Leather Shoes Shiny - This horsehair shoe brush is perfect for shining and polishing. It can be used in tandem with different sprays, foams, or shoe polish for that luxurious shine.
  • Cleans & Buffs More Than Just Shoes - Aside from your favorite leather shoes and boots, you can also use this horse brush on any clothes, bags, or accessories made of genuine or faux leather.
  • Made With Quality In Mind - Aside from being durable, the shoe cleaning brush features genuine white horsehair bristles and a beechwood handle with the natural wood patterns showing through.
  • Take It Anywhere - Measuring 4" long, 1.6" wide, and 1.6" tall, you can conveniently and easily pack this horsehair shoe brush into your travel bag and take it with you during your travels.
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Need Help Keeping Those Leather Shoes Looking Sharp?

You may get away with hard scrubbing track shoes and sneakers. Sadly, you can't say the same for leather footwear since leather is much more delicate than synthetic materials. And because leather footwear is generally more expensive, you want to make sure that you're cleaning them right so you can enjoy them for longer. This involves employing a more careful approach, as well as using the right cleaning tools–like a brush crafted and designed specifically for leather shoes and boots.

This Mini White Hair Brush by Stone and Clark is a must-have in your leather shoe care kit!

Perfect For Surface & Deep Cleaning

Say "Goodbye!" to dirty and dusty shoes with this horsehair shoe brush! A few swipes are all you need to get your shoes all cleaned up and ready for use. The shoe brush features premium quality 1" long horsehair bristles. At that length, they can easily reach into the welts, seams, creases, and grooves of your leather shoes and boots to dislodge any unwanted particles.

Shines Without Scratching

The horsehair bristles on this shoe brush are sturdy yet still delicate so as not to leave any scuffs or scratches on your favorite leather shoes. It provides enough friction to polish the leather's surface and give it a nice luster and shine.
You can use the spray or shoe polish of your choice with this shoe brush. The soft and flexible bristles won't remove too much of the cleaning or polishing solution, which is what usually happens with stiffer brushes.

Clean & Shiny Shoes Wherever You Are

Going on a business trip abroad? Attending a friend's wedding across the state? In any case, you'll want to make sure that your leather shoes are presentable and look perfect for the occasion. With this mini horsehair shoe brush, that shouldn't be a problem. At 4.16" x 1.85" x 1.77", this brush slips easily into most pockets of your shoe care travel kit or suitcase.

  • Built For Long-Lasting Use

    Leather shoes are durable and stand well against normal wear and tear. The same is true for this leather shoe brush.

    The bristles are made from natural horsehair and are firmly embedded into the beechwood handle. This prevents the bristles from falling out or shedding even after years of use. The solid wooden handle is sanded to remove splinters and smoothen out rough edges.

  • Beyond Leather Shoes

    Effective yet gentle, you can confidently use this horsehair shoe brush on any type of leather footwear. These include loafers, Oxfords, brogues, boots, or even slippers and sandals made from genuine or faux leather.

    Apart from shoes, you can also use this brush to clean and buff jackets, coats, or vests. It's also great for accessories like bags, belts, wallets, gloves, and furniture with leather upholsteries.

  • A Practical Present

    Almost everyone owns a good pair of leather shoes or boots, perhaps with a matching bag or belt as well. Why not give them a gift that will help them care for their favorite leather items like this horsehair shoe brush?

    It's a thoughtful present that they'll surely find useful especially if they wear their leather shoes, clothes, or accessories every day for work or casual activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the Stone and Clark Mini Horse Hair Brush?

It's designed for removing dirt, dust, and grime from leather shoes and for shining and polishing them.

What type of bristles does the brush have?

The brush features 1-inch long soft white horsehair bristles.

Is this brush suitable for all leather types?

Yes, it’s gentle enough for various leather types, including both genuine and faux leather.

Can the brush be used on items other than shoes?

Absolutely, it’s also great for leather jackets, bags, belts, wallets, gloves, and furniture upholstery.

Is this brush travel-friendly?

Yes, its compact size makes it easy to pack in a travel bag or shoe care kit.

How do you use the brush effectively?

Gently swipe the brush over the leather surface to clean and polish.

Will the brush scratch or damage leather?

No, the horsehair bristles are soft and gentle, designed to polish without scratching.

Does the brush handle offer a comfortable grip?

Yes, the smooth beechwood handle is designed for a comfortable grip.

Will the brush bristles shed over time?

The bristles are firmly embedded into the handle, minimizing shedding.

How does this brush compare to synthetic brushes?

Natural horsehair is typically softer and more effective for leather care than many synthetic bristles.

Mini White Hair Brush

Customer Reviews

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Robert Williams
Well made shoe brush ' and does the job '.

Obviously i use a rag and water with a dash of vinegar to get a high shine ' but this brush is well made and takes the dust off ', its easily stiff enough to put on a layer of polish ' and is a perfect size for a compact shoe polish kit ', i'm very happy with it 🤠

Size, is everything!

The quality of the shoebrush is excellent it does a great job on the shoes. The problem is the size. I am not a large person and my small hands are too large on this little brush. I think it would be better if the brush were 2 inches longer and a half inch wider. I'd go ahead and pay the extra cost to make it larger.

Carole Shores
Soft ~ Great for removing spots from garments and linens, doesn't scratch fibers

I got this horsehair brush to use in lifting stains from clothes after hearing Patric Richardson on NPR explaining folk remedies and household products to use when doing laundry. His grandmother taught him how a combination of a good horsehair brush and everyday ingredients in the home (rather than caustic chemicals) can take the fear out of spilling something on a favorite garment or table linen. Anyway, this brush is easy to hold because it has a smaller grip but covers a lot of linear space when working with large stains. The brush is soft but firm and is doing a fine job in rubbing my homemade laundry paste into fabric fibers without damaging the fabric. The brush has a nice natural wood handle.

Truly a Mini Brush

The brush is smaller than I thought but is a great size for small hands, or traveling. The wood and bristles are high quality and the brush is well made. A nice addition to keeping shoes shined.