Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.
Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.

Mink Oil Kit for Leather Boots, 3.5oz.

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  • From Break-Ins To Restorations - The specially formulated mink oil for leather penetrates deeply into leather and helps nourish it from within to rejuvenate worn-out fabric and soften stiff ones.
  • Protect & Preserve - Using mink oil on leather shoes or boots puts a layer of protective coating on their surfaces. This barrier helps prevent water and other liquid from leaving stains on the footwear.
  • Complete Leather Care Kit - This leather shoe cleaning kit includes 100ml mink oil paste, a shoe brush, and a towel. It has everything you need to bring your leather shoes and goods back to life!
  • Use It With Other Leather Goods - You can also use this shoe shine kit for other leather products including clothes and accessories. It's also great for leather upholstered furniture and saddles.
  • Easy Application - Applying this leather oil on your items is easy using the included shoe cleaner towel. It dries quickly and won't leave any visible residue. Please test on a small area before applying all over.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice stuff

I used it on my leather purses and boots. Has no smell. I actually liked it on my chapped hands and feet. Good to put oil on frequently and buff out. It looks nice. Is waterproof

Works as it should

I used this product on a pair of reenacting boots. It worked as it should with no issues.

Most Needed for your Boots

When you buy a nice pair of boots and you want to protect them, mink oil is the answer. Mink oil will water proof your boots as well.This mink oil works just as I would expect. The way I did it was take an old toothbrush and use it to apply the mink oil to the seams and cracks and crevices on my boots. Then I used the brush to brush everything up and then the microfiber cloth to shine off the excess mink oil.If you have a lighter color leather, you can apply this mink oil and then brush it up and keep it looking nice. But you will find that some spots may darken. What I learned is this darkening will generally lighten up after a while. I can speed that process up by putting my boots or shoes in the sun for a few days.This set is a nice set and you can give as a gift if you know someone who has just bought some nice leather boots or shoes. It comes in a nice little box.

Mark Evans
Old school set up,ready to go right in your wooden shine box

Mink oil is by far the best natural waterproofing product for all things leather. this set comes with large reusable tin of high quality mink oil( derived humainly) and a wood handle genuine horse hair brush so you can rub it into stitching and work it deeper into the leather.and a micro cloth to wipe of excess oil in a heavy duty red wite and blue cardboard box makes a great gift and if properly applied will add extra years of life to your boots .which is a big plus with good boots going for $200and up! Protect your investment and get you some mink oil!

Good coverage, will darken lighter colors

The media could not be loaded.  I used this to waterproof my vintage boots. The product has no odor and is a uniform consistency. The brush is handy but I find a toothbrush does a better job of getting into the seams.Mink oil will darken lighter leathers so just be aware if maintaining exact color is important to you. Don't worry about blotching, the product soaks in and evens out if you set in the sun and are patient.Excellent conditioner and waterproofer.