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Stone And Clark

Deluxe Horse Hair Shoe Brush Set

Deluxe Horse Hair Shoe Brush Set

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  • A Value Set Of 2 - Included in this set are 2 premium dauber horse hair brushes. Straightforward and easy to use, these brushes will make the shoe-shining and conditioning more convenient and easier.
  • Upgrade Your Leather Care - With bristles made of soft and fine horsehair, these dauber brushes are great for the unique texture, grain, and look of soft leather. It won't leave scuff marks or scratches.
  • Luxurious Shine - Maintain your leather's luster and beauty with regular application of moisturizer polishes. Use a dauber shoe brush to evenly coat your leather shoes and keep it looking good as new.
  • Comfortable To Use - Made with smooth lotus wood handles, these brushes offer a firm yet comfortable grip. Easily maneuver the shoe polish brush and reach tiny corners as you're shining or buffing.
  • An Impressive & Thoughtful Gift - Any leather footwear collector will appreciate receiving this practical set for Christmas or their birthday. It's a welcome addition to any shoe polishing kit
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How Do You Keep Leather Shiny and New?

Leather is lauded in the fashion world for distinctive texture, appearance, and its overall luxurious reputation. Good quality leather is also highly durable. But if you want your leather goods to last as long as possible, you need to know how to take good care of them.

Leather that is not properly cared for can become dull, faded, and irreparably cracked. Don't let your investment go to waste by using the right care techniques and tools. We've got one to get you started.

The Premium Dauber Brush Set of 2 by Stone and Clark is a must-have for the shoe-shining process.

Love Your Leather

The shoe-shining process is an essential part of caring for your leather footwear. Leather can crack and look worn out if you don't apply special cream on the surface. These brushes can help you conveniently apply these creams and waxes evenly while keeping your hands clean. They are also useful for coating these conditioning agents on other leather goods like shoulder bags, totes, wallets,and purses.

Made of Experts For Experts

We love leather and have poured out this passion into the creation of our premium brushes. These dauber brushes were created by leather experts to cater to the unique expectations and standards of discriminating leather artisans, designers, cobblers, and collectors.
We used premium white horsehair for the bristles
which are soft and fine so they won't damage the
leather surface or mark it with stains and dents.

Comfort & Convenience

they are convenient and easy to bring along with you when you travel out of town for that important business trip. You can also stash a brush in your office or car for quick clean-ups and emergency polishing. The lotus wood handles make it easy to hold and maneuver the brush in case you need to spot clean hard-to-reach sections on your brogue shoes or leather bag interiors.

  • Shine Confidently

    Your leather shoes deserve to be flaunted, but you can't do that if you are self-conscious about how they look.

    Don't be afraid to make a statement with your luxury leather footwear. Make sure your leather shoes are always in tip top condition. In addition to being used for shoe-shining and applying polish, our dauber brushes are great for quickly removing debris, dirt, and dust stuck in the surface of your leather.

  • Easy to Use

    Give your leather shoes the expert care that they deserve. Follow these quick steps to keep them clean, lustrous, and looking brand new.

    1. Carefully brush off any dust, dirt, mud, or debris stuck on the surface of your shoe.

    2. Dab the brush on your choice of shoe cream or polish.

    3. Evenly apply the product by brushing it carefully on your shoe using small circular motions.

    4. Repeat as necessary to make sure the cream penetrates the leather surface.

  • Create Your Best Life

    We are a brand with a deep commitment to help our consumers live their best life. We offer creative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for your unique needs and preferences.

    Each and every one of our products is designed to help you live with confidence, comfort, and joy.

    Let us be your partner in creating the life that you want for you and your loved ones. Whether it's your lifestyle, home improvement, or child care, we'll help you reach your goal.


What does the Premium Shoe Polish Brush Set include?

The set includes 2 premium dauber horsehair brushes, designed for shoe polishing and leather care. These brushes are a valuable addition to any leather care kit.

How can these brushes help me maintain my leather items?

These brushes are essential for applying moisturizer polishes evenly, keeping leather shoes, bags, and accessories in excellent condition. They help maintain your leather's luster and beauty.

Are these brushes comfortable to use?

Yes, the brushes have smooth lotus wood handles that offer a firm yet comfortable grip. They are designed to be easily maneuvered, making it convenient to reach even tiny corners when applying shoe cream or polish.

Can I use these brushes on other leather goods besides shoes?

Absolutely! These brushes are versatile and can be used to apply creams and waxes on other leather items such as shoulder bags, totes, wallets, and purses, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.

How often should I use these brushes on my leather items?

The frequency of use depends on how often your leather items are worn and the level of maintenance they require. Regular use is recommended to keep your leather in top condition.

Are these brushes easy to clean?

Yes, these brushes are easy to clean with a simple tap or brush to remove any excess polish or dirt. Regular cleaning ensures they remain effective.

Do these brushes help remove dirt and debris from leather surfaces?

Absolutely! In addition to polishing and applying shoe cream, these dauber brushes are great for quickly removing debris, dirt, and dust from the surface of your leather items, ensuring they always look their best.

Do these brushes help remove deep stains from leather?

These brushes are primarily designed for polishing and maintaining leather. While they can help with light stains, deep stains may require specialized cleaning products.

How do I prevent the lotus wood handles from cracking or drying out?

To keep the lotus wood handles in good condition, store the brushes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Periodically applying a small amount of wood conditioner can help maintain their appearance.

Can I use these brushes on delicate or vintage leather items?

While the horsehair bristles are gentle on leather, for delicate or vintage items, we recommend performing a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with the specific leather type.

Black Dauber Brush (Set of 2)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A good choice, particularly for boots

Very good horsehair dauber brushes. I use these on boots and sometimes on leather bags (applying Leather Honey or another conditioner). American-made, the brush heads are a little larger than the ones I tend to use on shoes, and they only just fit into a standard pot of shoe cream. Nonetheless they are good. The horsehair is soft enough and doesn't shed (after the first few uses). And they are sturdily made, all round.

They work

Slightly smaller than I expected, a few hairs came out during use - otherwise exactly what i was looking for.

Nice quality

Just the right density and softness to make applying heavy shoe cream a breeze. It was perfect for what I was looking for and they came in 1 day. I can highly recommend this douper set.

Well Made Daubers

I'm impressed with the quality of the Stone and Clark products. These daubers are well made and the bristles and wood appear to be high quality. They work very well.

Good for shoe polish

I got this pair for applying shoe polish to my black leather boots. The brush feels of nice quality and soft. It applied the polish nicely onto my boots. The brush didn't break apart nor did the bristles come out.