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Stone And Clark

Versatile Shoe Care Brush Kit

Versatile Shoe Care Brush Kit

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  • 4-In-1 Shoe Care Kit Box - Our shoe brush set is curated for all your polishing needs. It gives you a natural crepe brush, a double-sided shoe polish applicator, a shoe shine brush, and a microfiber cloth.
  • Shoes That Look Good As New - Make sure your leather shoes and suede pumps always look brand new! Use our shoe shine brush set to apply and evenly coat your clogs with shoe creams and polishes.
  • Safe For Shoes - Our dauber and shoe brushes for polishing are made with soft horsehair and beech wood, while our crepe brush is made of rubber and lotus wood! Each shoe polish brush is safe to use.
  • Comfortable Grip - Thanks to our shoe polishing kit's long and concave handles, each shoe shine buffing brush is easy to maneuver. Polish your pumps quickly without even straining your hands!
  • Versatile Cleaning Set - Beyond being just a boot cleaning brush kit, these brushes are also great for other applications - to clean or polish your sofa, bed, sheets, gloves, coats, bags, and belts.
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Want To Keep Your Leather Shoes In Pristine Condition?

Leather is distinct for its texture. With its appeal, it goes well with almost anything. Good quality leather also boasts a robust quality that lasts for years, making it a must-have fashion item. But without proper care, even the most gorgeous leather product can become dull and get irreparably damaged. That's why it's important to regularly wax and polish your shoes, boots, and other leather items. For this, you need a reliable set of brushes that can handle all your cleaning and polishing needs

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The Variety Shoe Brush Kit by Stone and Clark will help keep your shoes in tip-top condition.

Keep Your Shoes Looking New

Make your favorite boots look good as new in no time. Our set comes with a double-sided dauber brush and a shoe brush that you can use to breathe new life back into your old footwear. These brushes will help you apply creams and waxes onto your shoes, keeping your hands clean. You'll also get a microfiber cloth to wipe off excess wax. Regularly polishing your leather items don't only make them look shiny but also helps prevent cracks.

Maintenance Made Easy

Before you could polish your suede pumps or leather shoes, you have to make sure that you've cleared all debris or grime. And that's where our crepe brush comes in. This 5.04x1.69x1.14" cleaning tool is fitted with rubber material that is sticky enough to thoroughly remove stains, loose pet hair, or mud from your suede or nubucks apparel, velvet skinned shoes, and matte leather items with minimal effort.

Safe On Your Shoes And Other Products

Both our dauber and shoe brushes are fitted with ultra-soft bristles made with genuine horsehair. This
allows you to efficiently shine and polish your luxury leather items without damaging them. Our crepe brush, on the other hand, is made with natural rubber that is soft and flexible. Compared to synthetic brushes, these natural tools are also an excellent alternative.

  • Robust, Long-Lasting Materials

    Don't settle for low-quality brushes that only last a few polishing sessions. Our dauber and shoe brushes are both crafted using heavy-duty beech wood, while our crepe brush is made with a lotus wood handle. Not only do these handles make the tools easy to maneuver; both materials are also strong and durable so you know that they won't break, crack, or warp easily. These are accessories that will serve you for a long time.

  • Easy To Use

    Easy To Use

    It only takes a few minutes to restore the shine of your leather shoes and other items:

    1. Thoroughly brush off dust, dirt, and mud using the crepe brush.

    2. Use the double-sided dauber brush to apply polish or shoe cream to your shoes.

    3. Carefully brush them using small, circular motions and repeat as necessary.

    4. Rub and wipe your shoes clean using the microfiber cloth and you’re set!

  • A Thoughtful Gift Idea

    Do any of your friends and family love all things suede and leather? If so, give them a gift that'll help them take care of their valuables!

    Each of our brushes has a sleek wooden finish, making them a practical yet stylish present for people who own leather boots, pumps, jackets, and even furniture! Give this as a gift during birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any special holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Versatile Shoe Care Brush Kit?

The kit contains a natural crepe brush, a double-sided shoe polish applicator, a shoe shine brush, and a microfiber cloth.

Can the kit be used on both leather and suede shoes?

Yes, it's suitable for leather shoes and suede pumps.

What are the brushes made of?

The dauber and shoe brushes have soft horsehair bristles and beech wood handles, while the crepe brush is made of rubber and lotus wood.

Is the kit safe for all shoe types?

Yes, each brush is designed to be safe and effective for different shoe materials.

How do I use the double-sided dauber brush?

Use it to apply and evenly spread shoe creams and polishes on your shoes.

What is the crepe brush for?

It’s specifically designed to remove stains and dirt from suede and nubuck.

Is the microfiber cloth effective for shoe polishing?

Yes, it’s ideal for wiping off excess polish and giving shoes a final buff.

Can I use the shoe shine brush on delicate materials?

Yes, the soft horsehair bristles are gentle on various shoe materials.

Are the bristles of the brushes soft enough to not scratch shoes?

Yes, the bristles are designed to be effective yet gentle on shoes.

Is the shoe care kit suitable for professional use?

Yes, it’s ideal for both personal and professional shoe care needs.

Variety Pack Brushes

Customer Reviews

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Bristles Fall Out / Shed

Be aware, mine has seen very little use, and is shedding bristles quickly. It works, but disappointing.

Robert Williams
Well made ' and does the job '.

These brushes are good quality and i am very happy with them ' obviously i use a rag and water with a dash of vinegar to get a really high shine ' but the brush takes off dust ' and would definitely be suitable for applying polish '.


Very fine soft brush great for nubuck and suede or any other shoe. Gets most the dirt off the shoe just by a light brush. I'm happy.

Wade T
Handy Little Brush

Works just as expected.

Annika Dragonborn
The one item missing from the shoe care kit.

This is the one item that did come as part of my shoe care kit, so I had to get it seperately. This is a well made brush made from traditional materials, to give a quality, traditional result.