What Are Shoe Trees and Why You Need Them

What Are Shoe Trees

Shoes are an investment for both your style and comfort. But what good is a pricey pair of shoes if they lose their charm to creases and wear? The secret to keeping your footwear in pristine condition is not just about regular cleaning; it’s about giving them the care they deserve with the right tools.

Whether wooden shoe trees or plastic shoe trees, these simple aids are crucial in shoe care and maintenance. They slip into your shoes, smoothing out creases and helping them retain their original shape. Embrace shoe trees; they're your shoes' best ally for a long-lasting, polished look.

What are Shoe Trees?

Wood Shoe Trees

First, let's understand what a pair of shoe trees are made from and how they function.

Often made of cedar or other woods that absorb moisture, shoe trees fit snugly into the front of the shoe, filling the toe box. By doing so, they not only keep the shoe in shape but also help with drying. 

The heel part ensures the back stays untouched from creases. Shoe trees come in various sizes to match your shoes and are simple to use—just insert them into the shoes after each wear. Using shoe trees can help your shoes last longer and stay comfortable.

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Benefits of Using Shoe Trees

If you are still wondering whether to get shoe trees, here’s why they can be a game-changer for your footwear.

Prevent Rot and Odour

Shoe trees fight moisture, which can cause rot and a bad odour — a threat to any shoe collection. Particularly, those that are made of plastic can be beneficial for rot and odour prevention, keeping your shoes fresh.

Maintain Shape

They keep your shoes in their original silhouette, preventing unsightly creases and deformations. This is especially true for dress shoes that can lose their elegant contour quickly without proper care.

Absorb Moisture

While a cedar shoe tree might be a small investment, it is one that pays dividends in the shoe maintenance department. This is because cedar wood shoe trees naturally absorb moisture and help in drying out the shoes effectively.

Versatile for All Shoes

They are not just for dress shoes; they work to keep both leather shoes and sneakers in prime condition. Your entire shoe collection can benefit from the use of shoe trees.

By using shoe trees consistently, you’ll ensure that your footwear always looks its best and extends its lifespan, making it easy to justify the initial cost. Simple to use, they are an essential asset for any shoe aficionado.

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How to Use Shoe Trees Properly

Now that we're through the benefits of using shoe trees, let's make sure you know how to use them correctly. It’s simple; follow these steps:

  1. Inserting the Shoe Trees: Shoe trees are often the best first line of defense in shoe care. When you take off your shoes, immediately put shoe trees inside the shoe. This will help to absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the shoes from when they are most malleable.
  2. Ensuring the Fit: Make sure the shoe trees fit snugly inside the shoes but without stretching the leather. It's best to check for a secure fit that comfortably fills out the shoe's interior without distorting its original form.
  3. Cedarwood's Natural Benefits: If you have cedarwood shoe trees, you can rest assured their natural properties are working to absorb moisture and odors, helping preserve the shoe's interior and keeping it fresh.
  4. Special Considerations for Boots: For those with boots, consider using a specific boot tree that can help preserve the taller ankle sections and support maintaining the shape throughout the entire boot.
  5. Routine Maintenance: Regularly remove the shoe trees for a brief period, allowing both the shoe trees and the shoes to air out, which prevents any possibility of mold growth and ensures that the cedarwood maintains its moisture-absorbing quality.

Remember, shoe trees are not just a tool for storage – they're a crucial component in extending the lifespan and appearance of your quality footwear.

Why Do You Need Shoe Trees for Leather Shoes?

While shoe trees can be used for all types of shoes, they are particularly essential for leather shoes. Leather is a natural material that can easily be damaged by moisture and lose its shape if not properly cared for.

Shoe trees help prevent this by maintaining the shoe's structure and absorbing any excess moisture.

Moreover, using shoe trees can also help prevent cracking or peeling of the leather as it prevents the leather from drying out and becoming brittle. It's a small investment for long-term leather shoe care.

Choosing the Right Shoe Trees for Your Footwear

Before we end, let's talk about choosing the right shoe trees for your footwear.

When buying shoe trees, make sure you select the correct size and shape to fit your specific shoes. Consider purchasing adjustable shoe trees that can be modified to match different sizes and widths of shoes.

Additionally, if you prefer a natural option, go for cedarwood shoe trees as they have many benefits such as moisture absorption and odor prevention. However, if you're looking for a more affordable option, plastic shoe trees can also do the job well.

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Closing Thoughts

In summary, quality shoe trees are a must-have for anyone looking to prolong the life of their footwear. When you buy a pair, you're not just helping your shoes dry properly, but also preserving the shape and preventing damage.

Whether you choose to use a shoe tree for your dress shoes or casual sneakers, the results speak for themselves.

Lasted shoe trees, molded to the dimensions of your shoe, provide the best fit and support. Don't overlook this essential step in your shoe care routine—invest in your shoes by investing in the right shoe trees.

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